Embrace and Nurture Yourself

Return to your True Nature...

Dear Wise Woman,

Enter a sanctuary of remembrance,
embarking on a transformative journey
with me—a sister by your side,
nurturing your connection to your intuition.

In my loving presence,
you'll be held, heard, and received.

I simply hold space for your unique path,
with no agenda,
only the sweet whisper of remembrance
as we navigate the mysteries of your inner wisdom.

Here, your intuition becomes the guiding light,
illuminating the path through
life's intricate tapestry.

"Dearest Hari, you have literally changed the way I inhabit this body, this world, this life! Thank you!"

-Neelo Scholtz, Entrepreneur

"Hari is an extraordinary healer who carefully listens to your concerns. She just knows what is going on inside of you and helps you to reflect on your issues. Hari not only helped me to release emotions and dissolve blockages during our sessions, but she also taught me the right tools to practice self-healing. My life changed completely within 3 months."

-Tanja, Project Manager

"Hari tunes in so rapidly! I felt immediately understood without many words, on a deep level. Her gentleness makes it very easy to move deeper and deeper, to the parts where you would want to run away from yourself. That makes it very different for me than anyone before"

-Bonnie Chopard, Architect

freebirth meaning

Hey love, I'm Hari Alexandra.

I’m thrilled you’ve stumbled upon this little corner of the web.

As a Somatic Therapist and Freebirth Mentor for Women, I’m here to help you tap into that inner voice that’s always guiding you.

You know those moments when you think of someone out of the blue and bam, they text you the next day? Or when you have that deep gut feeling that just feels right? Yep, that’s your inner voice nudging you in the right direction.

It’s time to start listening and receiving all those messages it’s sending your way.

Your inner voice is cheering you on to discover your innate gifts, live your purpose, and blossom into the incredible woman you already are!

Let’s dive in and unleash your inner magic together.

Remember with Hari...

somatic therapy

Embark on an intimate journey to deepen intuition, unravel trauma, and navigate life authentically.

freebirth mentorship

Embark on an intuitive journey, unravelling fears and deepening your listening skills for an authentic, dream birth experience.
4  SESSIONS €560
8 SESSIONS €1040