Meet your Highest Self

Get to know yourself deeply

Dear One,

I am here to guide you
to meet your Highest Self.

I will offer you my loving presence
because you deserve to be held.

You deserve a space to share your heart
And you deserve to be received.

I come with no agendas,
Just a longing for you to remember...

Your True Self.

"Dearest Hari, you have literally changed the way I inhabit this body, this world, this life! Thank you!"

-Neelo Scholtz, Entrepreneur

"Hari is an extraordinary healer who carefully listens to your concerns. She just knows what is going on inside of you and helps you to reflect on your issues. Hari not only helped me to release emotions and dissolve blockages during our sessions, but she also taught me the right tools to practice self-healing. My life changed completely within 3 months."

-Tanja, Project Manager

"Hari tunes in so rapidly! I felt immediately understood without many words, on a deep level. Her gentleness makes it very easy to move deeper and deeper, to the parts where you would want to run away from yourself. That makes it very different for me than anyone before"

-Bonnie Chopard, Architect

"It's rare to find someone who can with unbiased clarity and genuine care guide a couple in the midst of conflict, back to each other. Her ability to pin point individually what was creating our conflict and see the subtler dynamics at play between us was remarkable. It was an eye opener and shed light on many blindspots we had with each other."

-Hannah Lo, Love & Relationship Coach

I'm Hari Alexandra.

An Intuitive Counsellor, Relationship Guide and Akashic Records Reader.

I am here to support you on your journey of remembering your Highest Self.

I have been guiding awakening beings since 2018 to expand into their Highest Truth through Somatic Emotional Release Therapy, Embodied Awareness, Compassionate Counselling, Transformational Energy Work and Inner Child Healing.

From my personal experience, it is unmet trauma that keeps us from experiencing our highest potential in life. When we find the courage to meet all parts of ourselves with an open and loving heart, the trauma transforms into freedom.

We can meet together through powerful one to one Counselling Sessions, Couples Counselling and Akashic Soul Readings.

In loving presence,


Remember with Hari...

counselling Sessions

These sessions are an invitation to meet together in embodied awareness where any challenges can be explored from a place of curiosity. When exploring the energy, we give space for it to be seen and transformed; and for you to unveil your own inner knowing. 

counselling for couples

Learn how to create a reciprocal, supportive and loving relationship with your partner; by listening to your true feelings and sharing yourself authentically. Master the art of receiving your partner to create more intimacy, depth and safety in your relationship. 


The guidance from your Akashic Records will provide clarity for difficult life decisions. They offer insight into seeing a higher perspective, so you can feel more fulfilled in your life.

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