Longing for Safety

You don’t have to keep going there

To the stream of thoughts, that provides an immediate paper-thin promise of safety

Experts at knowing exactly what ideas we need to propagate, to feel secure

Planting seeds in the mind, may lead us to walking in fields of flowers

But those flowers can become poisonous if we keep picking them

Because the concept of safety is short lived in the mind

It’s not long before we are reaching for another concept to satiate our desperation

How do we get out of this muddy path?

Is it even possible?

If safety isn’t living in the mind, then where does it live?


When you walk in those fields of flowers

Do you remember seeing a little path leading somewhere unknown?

A path, that seemed quite beautiful but not familiar?

Follow me…


I know it’s tempting to plant seeds here

But do not fear, as they do not grow

The moment you choose to plant a seed

You will find yourself back in your field


Now you know there’s another place

A quiet, empty place filled with everything

A place, where nothing is required of you

A deeply fertile sanctuary that can hold you

There, you will find safety


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