March Magic

As the magnificent March wind blows through each of our unique instruments, there are many new notes being played.

There is such an influx of light that is palpable, I can literally feel my cells transforming and my perception of reality unravelling moment by moment.

It is truly an absolute wonder to be alive during these times. 

The veil is paper thin.

Can you hear Gaia speaking to you?

Can you sense the increase in the pressure of the wind that blows through you?

Perhaps it is bringing through old memories that long to be fully seen and felt?

Or perhaps there is a greater capacity to witness behavioural patterns that illustrate the disconnection from unity?

Judgements might start to feel archaic and no longer soothe like they once did.

In fact, speaking unlovingly about others in any form begins to have an etheric kickback…

It is becoming more and more apparent that anytime we create separation through judgement, whether it’s of ourself or others, we are isolating ourselves from the whole.

Because now, more than ever, it is becoming viscerally evident that…

I can no longer perceive you as outside myself because I am a part of everything.

And yes, that includes you.

You are as I am.

And it might not be a comfortable process because the very ways we have been conditioned and cultured to be human, are recalibrating.

The ways we know ourselves to be are disappearing before our witnessing consciousness.

So know that, if you are experiencing turmoil right now or an upheaval of old, old trauma or simply a lot of confusion about what the hell it means to be human…

This is a part of the process.

The Universe longs for you to return to Source.

Everything that is showing its face has it’s place in your reality…

Now you get to decide whether you want to keep holding it up on the projector screen…

Or simply let the wind blow it though you…

Creating space for the rich, deep resonance of love to sound through us all. 

We’ve got this.

Now, let’s jam 🎶♥️🎼♥️🎵

In love,


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