Hey love, I'm Hari

My mission is to support you to become a walking expression of your truth so that the need to people please fades away. I'm here to walk alongside you while your heart blossoms and your relationships begin to flourish.

I am here, after beginning an inward journey 8 years ago; shifting my compass to a deep devotion to unlearning, rewiring the effects from past trauma and revealing our natural space of compassion.

This has been a consistent dedication of returning to my true self, which has taken a lot of practice; rebuilding my nervous system, learning to express my truth in the moment and being supported by mentors and energy healers along the way. 

Where I began

I spent most of my life in romantic relationships; I was under the spell that the only way to feel my heart was if a man was there to love me. However, my heart never stayed open past the honeymoon stage and I believed there was something wrong with me; I became disillusioned. 

Growing up, like many women, I wasn’t given the space to be held in my emotions. After losing my father at a very young age and witnessing how the people closest to me dealt with grief, I learnt that emotions are something you suppress. I learnt that in order to be worthy of love, my authentic self must be hidden.

I obsessed over the masculine, only feeling complete when I had a man’s attention even if it was emotionally abusive, disconnected or controlling. This felt normal from the painful relationship with my Father but secretly kept confirming the heavy brick walls around my heart.

This lead me to create an intense need for the masculine but a deep denial of that need; an anxious- avoidant attachment style that always found its avoidant counterpart.

Where I shifted

I finally realised that I had to do something radical, I didn’t want to find myself in Groundhog day, over and over again. So I made a conscious decision to take a sabbatical of any romantic relationships; for a span of 3 years.

This gave me a lot more space to start enquiring more deeply into myself. I started yoga, seeing energy healers, writing, reading anything spiritual I could find. Soon, I thought I had made some serious progress and my spiritual Ego was glowing. But underneath all of that, I was still depressed.

Everything shifted once I started fully embodying my emotional landscape. I started witnessing my patterns, looking at my Father/Mother wounding, shifting my relationship with the rage I’d been suppressing most of my life. 

I devoted myself to uncovering everything I had been hiding from and made it my daily practice to be open to my inner world. 

During this time, I also committed to my first conscious relationship which allowed such deep reflections and much practice in giving space to trauma.

Where I am now

From all this experience, I know the following to be true:

When we begin to witness and open to our hidden traumas and conditioning, the energy gets set free and naturally moves out of the body. When we do this together, we feel safe, held and supported. We have the chance to hold space for our inner children and break the chain of ancestral pain.

And gradually, bit by bit, our connection to source becomes clearer and living from the heart comes with ease.

This work has allowed me to transmute my rage towards the masculine, go from anxious-avoidant to securely attached, find my authentic voice and reveal a deep connection with my Truth.

If I can do it, you can too.

How I got here

I studied in a Spiritual Mystery School for 4 years that trained us in Emotional Therapy, Spiritual Counselling, Psychic Development, and Yogic Principles. As I became a teacher of this work, giving over 500 sessions in these modalities, this experience built up a foundation of Emotional Awareness. This has formed my practice of Compassionate Counseling, Emotional Embodiment, and Inner Child Healing.

My choice of working with relationships comes from training and my natural instincts. I was an extremely sensitive child and was always acutely aware of what was happening beneath the surface in family dynamics. This always felt normal to me until people started pointing out that my ability to read them and understand the dynamics of their relationship was truly a special gift.

When I started studying Tantra and attending sensuality retreats and trainings, I developed a deeper connection to my body and sexuality. This foundation has allowed me to make the bridge into building harmonious relationships.

Since 2017 I’ve been in a committed relationship with my partner, and within this time I have gone from anxious-avoidant to securely attached. During these last 5 years, I have learnt how to open up to childhood trauma, how to communicate and live from the heart space and how to detach from uncommitted anxious thoughts.

It has been quite the journey! I truly didn’t know it was possible to have such a deeply connected, emotionally flowing and loving relationship. This is what I want to share with you, because now I know it’s possible.

Sessions for women

Learn how to embody and soften into your emotions and your true voice. Listen to your true feelings and practice expressing your authentic needs to create safe and loving relationships in your life. 


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Learn how to create a reciprocal, supportive and loving relationship with your partner; by listening to your true feelings and sharing yourself authentically.