Hey love, I'm Hari

I’m a Somatic Therapist and Freebirth Mentor for Women.

I'm honoured to guide you in reconnecting with your true inner voice – to tap into your innate wisdom, know yourself unequivocally, and embrace your emotions like the wise sage you are.

Join me on the path to becoming a Mystic Woman who is balanced in her masculine and feminine energy.

Where I began

I’m here to serve you, beautiful woman, because my own journey has been a labor of love.

For two decades, I struggled to embody my emotions, to recognize my inner voice, and to see my own value. But those deep inner knowings persisted, urging me to listen.

So, I finally surrendered to the deep calling to travel, and over the past decade, this unexpected journey has unfolded, leading me to where I stand today.

What woke me up

I vividly recall the moment I sat in my first spiritual workshop in Thailand, holding space for someone and sharing wisdom I didn’t know I had. It was then that I realized: this was my gift.

At that time, I felt lost, unsure of my purpose, and battled with my reflection daily while expertly suppressing my emotions. But within me, a spark ignited as I remembered my innate gift and acknowledged that I had followed my intuition!

From that pivotal moment, I never looked back. I began to fully embrace my purpose and understand why I’m here. This 10-year journey continues to unfold, empowering me to lead other women on their path of remembrance.

What deepened me

My clarity of purpose skyrocketed when I became pregnant. A fiery passion erupted within me, and my inner voice roared with certainty: this child will be freebirthed.

Suddenly, I found myself tapping into wisdom from lifetimes of motherhood.

It just felt right to embrace a wild pregnancy and trust my body wholeheartedly. I didn’t need to consult any books because I could feel every whisper of guidance within me.

With unwavering trust and a clear vision, I freebirthed our sweet daughter, a testament to the power of intuition and deep faith in the process.

Now, the fire burning within me is dedicated to sharing this wisdom with you, transmitting the sacred essence of motherhood and guiding you to reclaim birth as a sacred rite of passage.

We are all deeply connected, and I am committed to serving any woman who longs to embrace the divine journey of motherhood.

What keeps my fire roaring

What fuels my fire every morning is an unwavering passion to assist women in rebalancing their masculine and feminine energy.

To be in right relation with these two energies within our being is what creates magic.

The feminine principle is the one who creates and sets intentions and the masculine principle manifests that intention by putting it into action.

Picture a world where every man and woman are in right relation with their inner feminine and masculine energy. Where each of us listen to our intuition and manifest it into action. 

I’m beyond excited because I know that’s exactly where we’re headed!

Somatic Therapy sessions

An intimate exploration crafted to deepen your connection with intuition. Through gentle guidance, emotional embodiment, and compassionate somatic dialogue, unravel the threads of trauma. This process unveils your unique navigation system, guiding you to traverse life with greater ease and authenticity.

freebirth mentorship

An immersive journey blending intuitive guidance, somatic release, and energy work for an authentic, physiological birthing experience. Embrace emotions as unmet trauma transforms into strength, letting your inner voice guide you toward embodying your dream birth.