Akashic Soul Reading

“I have been giving Akashic Readings since 1997, and when Hari gave me a reading, I was deeply impressed by her clarity and preciseness of information. She relayed the correct information she saw in the records in a beautiful, heartfelt way.”

-Jafree Ozwald

When accessing the guidance from your records, you will receive the most potent information you need for where you are in this exact moment.

In these 30, 45 and 60 minute readings, you will receive high vibrational clarity on topics you choose that require further insight.

The wisdom you receive is also assisted with healing support to help you unpack and integrate the spiritual messages.

This Akashic Soul Reading will support you to move forward in alignment with your highest purpose.

Akasha is a source of infinite love and support. A dimension of energy that is available to every soul.

The word Akasha comes from 2 ancient words. “Aka” means space and “Ša” means sky, hidden or secret. 

Your records contain the energetic blueprint of your soul, from this lifetime and all other lifetimes.

The Akashic Records aren’t here to predict the future as the sea of potentiality in this multiverse is huge; yet they can reveal relevant options on the possibilities that might lay ahead.

During the reading, your Guides, Masters and Teachers will reveal the information that your soul most needs to know.

When hearing your messages, it connects you with Higher Consciousness; you practice receiving and listening to your intuition, which helps you to continue to live from this place in your life.

"Hari is incredible to work with. Her intuition is spot on and her insights have supported me in so many areas of my life. I always walk away from our sessions feeling a lot lighter and clearer. She is so magical!"

-Robyn Goldberg, Health Coach

How it works

Once you sign up for your Akashic Soul Reading, start thinking of some questions that are important to you.

These questions can be curated around the things you are needing more clarity on.

The best questions to ask start with: ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’.

I prepare for these sessions by meditating for 30 minutes to connect more deeply with the Akashic Realm and Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.

The session will start with a meditation to ground and connect our energies. Then I will speak a Pathway Prayer to access your records.

"Hari has the ability to tap directly into the core of the things that need to move. My session with her was pretty mind blowing! I resonated with a lot of what she was saying and I felt the shifts immediately in my body... and very soon in my life. She speaks from a place of clarity and freedom and love - I highly recommend a reading with her."

-Diana Jost, Yoga Teacher

Akashic Soul Readings

30 Minute Session – €80

45 Minute Session – €120

60 Minute Session – €150

Each session is held online via Google Meet.

I am devoted to sharing this work with anyone that needs it, regardless of financial status.

If there are any challenges, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

My Mission

My mission is to be a vessel for these divine messages and insights to help others on their path.

I’ve been reading the Akashic Records since 2018 when I started giving Psychic Healing Sessions. I would receive insight into people’s past lives, soul contracts and emotional trauma that are ready to be released.

My readings aren’t just simply relaying information. I also help you unpack the insights so they can be integrated for healing. 

I am honoured to offer these readings to gift people clarity and reconnect them with their higher knowledge.

healing sessions

These sessions are an invitation to meet together in embodied awareness where any challenges can be explored from a place of curiosity. When exploring the energy, we give space for it to be seen and transformed; and for you to unveil your own inner knowing. 


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