Are We A Fit?

You are searching for the Truth

Perhaps you are:

A woman:

  • who is very anxious whether in a relationship or not and wants to create more safety and security in being herself
  • who is a people pleaser and has never learnt healthy boundaries and wants to change this but doesn’t know where to start
  • who hides away from her emotions and doesn’t know how to be with herself
  • who doesn’t know how to communicate her needs without feeling guilty
  • feels a lot of resentment towards men for not showing up the way she needs
  • who is longing to have a deeply connected relationship with the masculine and is tired of being single
  • who is feeling unfulfilled in her current relationship and feels stuck
  • who is more concerned about her partners feelings than her own
  • who is coming out of the honeymoon phase and scared of going deeper
  • who wants to work on her relationship with her partner but hasn’t found anything consistent that works
  • who knows that life isn’t what we are conditioned to believe and has been down the rabbit hole of self help, taken all the courses and worked with all the coaches/energy healers and still haven’t found what you’re looking for

A couple:

  • that are tired of the same reoccuring arguments that keep showing up
  • that can’t seem to find the space for quality time together
  • that have certain topics that they cannot speak about without turning into conflict
  • that are at the end of their tether but still want to find a way to make things work
  • that don’t feel supported by each other, listening and receiving each other fully is a struggle without defending
  • that can’t meet in the same space at the same time, ever. They are lost in the dance of one person opening up and the other closing
"Hari is a great mentor, lovingly sharing, tapping into her wisdom and life experience with empathy, fully present to who you are. The words flow, the exactly right words for you, even the difficult truths. Zero judging, endless loving kindness, her soft way makes it really easy to move forward.."

-Bonnie Chopard, Architect

I'm sure we share some views on things...

If you’re like me, you will feel deeply in your bones that there is more to life than meets the eye and you intuitively sense a relationship with energy or a higher consciousness such as spirit, guides or God.

The traditional model of relationship we have been conditioned by feels outdated to you: Disney, Hollywood, Lack of true sexual education, the marriage and kids model as the norm…the list can become long.

You witness how this is breaking apart our natural authentic nature more than ever before with the rise of inauthentic dating apps, plastic social media, information overload culture, False Light and further dismissal of our childhood trauma.

You feel a deep knowing that there is another way to approach our relationship to life and each other and are willing to become a shining, loving beacon for those around you.

Here’s a little snippet of me:

Virgo Sun/Sagitarrius Moon/Gemini Rising

A sun worshipper

A dancer (Contact/Ecstatic/Traditional)

A devotee to Truth & Authentic Expression

A lover of dogs of all shapes and sizes

A Handpoke Tattooist

A lover of the true Yogic path

A nature lover

A potato enthusiast

I’m an Enneagram 6, wing 7

Human Design 6/3 Manifesting Generator, Emotional Authority, Split Definition

and I love investing energy into natural clothing/self care brands that give back to the earth.

"The session with Hari was so warm and easy flowing yet getting to the core with my thoughts and emotions towards my relation with the masculine. And right afterwards the energy between me and my partner changed. Thank you so much for your work and your being!"

-Agnes Marr

My views on relationships & authenticity

On Relationships:

You have come to feeling that the notion of another person ‘completing’ you is utter rubbish. You are tired of the pressure of finding your perfect person/having a perfect relationship or trying to uphold these standards whilst ignoring the childhood wounds that undoubtedly will be triggered.

You are more than ready to trade in the belief that being alone or existing in a challenging relationship means you are worthless. You know deep down that reconnecting with your sovereignty and the full spectrum of your being is the most important relationship you will ever have.

And even if you’ve lost your faith in moments, you know that deeply committed, healthy relationships are possible and are one of the greatest vehicles to awakening.

On Authenticity:

You love it when you meet people who aren’t scared to be themselves and always admire their courageous hearts.

You are ready to trade in the conditioning that you will only be loved if you please others. You know that having healthy boundaries is possible and can be shared from a loving place.

People that inspire me:

Ram Dass, Gabor Maté, Brene Brown, Thich Nhat Hanh, Adyashanti, Barbara Brennan, Bryan L. Weiss, David Deida, Richard Rudd, Anthony William, Nadine Artemis, Michael A. Singer, Yung Pueblo, Robert Adams, The Wachowskis, Robin Wall Kimmerer, David Attenborough, Eckhart Tolle, Walter Makichen, A.H. Almaas.

"Hari has the ability to tap directly into the core of things that need to move. My session with her was pretty mind blowing, I resonated with a lot of what she was saying and I felt the shifts immediately in my body...and very soon in my life. She speaks from a place of clarity and freedom and love- I highly recommend a session with her"

-Diana Jost, Yoga Teacher

What I can offer you:

For Women:

  • I help women with an insecure attachment style (avoidant, anxious, disorganised) to come closer to themselves and together we give space to any negative experiences from childhood that may arise.
  • You will build a deeper connection to your inner world (emotions, nervous system)
  • You will get to know your inner child and learn how to prioritise play together
  • You will practice expressing your needs and sharing your boundaries without guilt or shame
  • You will learn how to give space to your anger and welcome it as a perfectly healthy emotion
  • You will start embodying your feminine more and exercise this through dance, creativity, emotional flow

For Couples:

  • I help committed couples unravel their repetitious dynamics and shine a light on any unresolved childhood experiences that might be showing up in the relationship
  • You will learn about what is driving each of your patterns and causing the conflicts, to create understanding and empathy between you both
  • You will learn how to reparent yourself and how to hold a safe space for your partner to open up to any trauma that is arising
  • You will practice radical honesty and authentic expression of your needs and learn how to share your boundaries from a loving place
  • You will practice ways of communicating and interacting that will help to diffuse conflict sooner and deepen your intimacy together
  • You will practice giving yourselves space to uphold polarity between you and also make a commitment to sharing quality time together

Feel like it might be a fit?

See my offerings below to get started.

Sessions for women

Learn how to embody and soften into your emotions and your true voice. Listen to your true feelings and practice expressing your authentic needs to create safe and loving relationships in your life. 


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Learn how to create a reciprocal, supportive and loving relationship with your partner; by listening to your true feelings and sharing yourself authentically.