Counselling Sessions

“Hari is such a genuine, compassionate being and holds space with an open heart. I always feel that I can be completely vulnerable with her. She has helped me address and release fears and beliefs that I’ve carried with me throughout my life that I didn’t realize were still affecting me.”

-Melody Dennis, Healthcare

Together, we will gently unravel the challenges that are surfacing in your life and peel back the layers to reveal the core issue so that it can be met with loving presence.

These 60-90 minute sessions held over video conference are deep, self exploratory experiences.

You will learn powerful, life-changing ways to interact with yourself, to recalibrate your self-connection so that you can feel lighter and more confident in showing up in the world as you are.

Main values I'm guided by

Slowing down so you can restore your nervous system.

Listening to your body and feeling what is arising.

Coming home to yourself with Somatic Healing Techniques.

Reducing stress and anxiety levels and learn how to meet yourself when it arises.

How I work

As an Intuitive Counsellor I innately connect and respond to what is most alive in the moment. 

I listen deeply to the energy of the physical, emotional and mental bodies and follow to the places that aren’t moving freely.

By gently meeting sensations and emotions in the body and moving into a space of simply allowing what is here right now, we move into presence together.

Through this conscious and somatic inner exploration, we can meet deeper layers of unprocessed emotions and traumas that are held in the body as pain.

This allows the pain/stuck energy to move freely and gives space for the core emotions and limiting beliefs that create the trauma to be released.

This happens as a natural by product of this inner exploration.

Over time, this way of meeting yourself becomes second nature and challenges that may arise are met with a greater ease and acceptance.

Somatic Spiritual Counselling Sessions

60 Minute Session - €100

90 Minute Session - €130

4 x 60 Minute Sessions €350 (Save €50)

Each session is held online via Google Meet.

What other people are saying

"Working with Hari has been really transformative. She offered support at a time that I really needed it. She was patient, compassionate and reflected wisdom that was accurate and really insightful. I still often think about my experience working with her and the insights she has offered me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to break through new barriers in themselves and their relationships."

-Madison Vandevort, Somatic Healer
"Throughout our session, Hari met me in loving and centered presence, clearly connected to her body and to her angelic spirit. She helped me hold my parts that felt insecure and refresh them with light and love. She also challenged me in important ways. It's apparent how much deep work she has done on herself and brings that strength into her presence and words. I highly recommend Hari Alexandra's healing presence."

-David Sequoia, Circling Facilitator

My Mission

My mission is to offer a space for the beings I work with to realise who they truly are. 

A space where their true authentic selves are seen, heard and given space to blossom.

In my practice of Somatic Spiritual Counselling, I integrate the tools and teachings that have deeply influenced my journey: Somatic Emotional Release Therapy, Compassionate Counselling, Inner Child work, Meditation, Transformational Coaching and Yogic Wisdom- to support you to reconnect with your True Self so that your relationship with yourself and others will effortlessly flow from a space of peace and love inside of you.

I’ll offer you tools and practices to support your transformative process and teach you the skills so that you can continue to do this work alone.

Counselling for couples

Learn how to create a reciprocal, supportive and loving relationship with your partner; by listening to your true feelings and sharing yourself authentically. 


Read some praise from some of the lovely people I have worked with.

akashic soul reading

The guidance from your Akashic Records will provide clarity for difficult life decisions. They offer insight into seeing a higher perspective, so you can feel more fulfilled in your life.