Freebirth meaning

FREEBIRTH meaning: “Spontaneous birth that intentionally occurs in the absence of hired professionals outside of the medical paradigm. It’s the conscious choice to derive counsel as a birthing woman solely from within- within our own minds, hearts, and spiritual center and also our own families”.

Coined by Jeannine Parvarti Baker

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FREEBIRTH:  “Choosing to give birth at home in the absence of hired professionals. it’s a testament to a mother’s trust in her body’s innate ability to birth. While some freebirthing mothers give birth in solitude, many others have a network of loved ones or partners by their side. it’s often also called family birth and unassisted birth”.

-Emilee Saldaya

SOVEREIGN BIRTH: “On the other hand, encompasses the entire spectrum of birthing outside of the medical paradigm. This approach is supported by authentic midwives and doulas who understand and respect the mother’s wishes. All freebirths are sovereign births, but not all sovereign births are freebirths. Sovereign birth can include hiring an authentic midwide/doula”.

Emilee Saldaya

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somatic therapy sessions

An intimate exploration crafted to deepen your connection with intuition. Through gentle guidance, emotional embodiment, and compassionate somatic dialogue, unravel the threads of trauma. This process unveils your unique navigation system, guiding you to traverse life with greater ease and authenticity.

freebirth mentorship

An immersive journey blending intuitive guidance, somatic release, and energy work for an authentic, physiological birthing experience. Embrace emotions as unmet trauma transforms into strength, letting your inner voice guide you toward embodying your dream birth.