Each session is held via Google Meet.

Freebirth Mentorship

For the woman who's ready to embrace her birthright

You’re a woman on the brink of a profound transformation.

You’re craving a different narrative, eager to cast aside conventional norms and step into the full power of your birthing journey.

Deep within, you sense the call to reclaim your innate birthing wisdom, and now is the time to answer.

Ready to birth your way?

It’s your moment to rise, break free from societal expectations, and embrace the wild, instinctual woman that you are!

Is this you, wild woman?

You are steadfast in your commitment to have a home birth.

You feel deep in your bones that this is what feels right for you.

But there are some worries that continue to linger.

You feel instinctively that you can birth your baby at home but the fear of potential complications is clouding your trust.

And you don’t have a lot of support from your family because they do not understand why you just won’t go to a hospital like “everyone else does”.

You love the idea of freebirth/unassisted birth but don’t know if you can trust yourself to fully go the whole way without a midwife or birth attendant.

You wish that you could find someone to talk to about all of this and to figure out how to navigate these fears.

It's time to honour your deepest instincts, trust in your body's wisdom, and reclaim your birth experience with deep trust and surrender

I’m here to walk alongside you on your journey toward Freebirth, nurturing and supporting your innate knowing every step of the way.

Together in this Freebirth Mentorship, we’ll validate your desire for a true, undisturbed birth, addressing any fears or worries that may arise with compassion and understanding.

I’m not here to dictate or impose my beliefs on you; instead, I’ll guide you back to your inner authority: your intuition. Through our mentorship, you’ll cultivate an unshakeable connection with your intuition, allowing it to be your guiding light through pregnancy and birth.

Your choice to have a wild pregnancy without medical intervention is valid and respected here. I’ll support you in navigating the reactions of others and help you process any fears or myths that may arise along the journey.

Together, we’ll envision your dream birth and prepare for it practically, while also practicing discernment between instinct, fear, and intuition.

If you’re ready to trust your inner wisdom above all else and embrace the power within you, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

My transmission to you:

  • 6+ years and hundreds of sessions, I’ve honed my craft in holding space for women, guiding them through the depths of their fears and uncertainties.


  • With my intuitive insight and deep understanding of the freebirth process, I offer you a clear vision into the depths of your birthing journey, peeling back layers to reveal the true essence of your desires and fears.


  • Drawing from my own transformative experience and a treasure trove of empowering practices, including somatic techniques, inner child work, and embodiment practices, I provide you with a rich toolkit to navigate the sacred path of freebirth with confidence and clarity.


  • Over a decade of personal exploration and trial and error, I’ve distilled the most effective, empowering methods to help you reconnect with your innate birthing wisdom and trust in your body’s ability to birth without intervention.

You'll become a Woman who...

  • No longer questions your body’s ability to birth without medical intervention. You will trust in its innate wisdom and power.
  • Sheds the fear of judgment and criticism from others, standing tall in your decision to choose freebirth with confidence and pride.
  • Allows your intuition to become your steadfast guide, guiding you confidently through birthing decisions with clarity and assurance.
  • Embraces the vulnerability of birthing outside the medical system, no longer finding it daunting, as you step into your strength and trust in the process.
  • Meets your fears about the safety and security of freebirth and witnesses them dissipate as you embrace the deep longing for an undisturbed birthing experience with a newfound sense of peace and assurance.
  • No longer feels isolated and unsupported in your desire to freebirth. You will find community and understanding, knowing you are not alone on this sacred journey.

Freebirth Mentorship

90 Minute Session - €180

4 x 90 Minute Sessions - €560 (Save €160)

8 x 90 Minute Sessions - €1,040 (Save €400)

Each session is held online via Google Meet.

My Mission

My mission is to help you remember that birth is the most ordinary yet magical thing we can ever experience as a woman.

Step into the wisdom of this Freebirth mentorship, where I serve as a transmission, much like the women in native tribes passing down sacred knowledge.

I truly believe that any woman can freebirth if she desires to. You do not have to be special to do so; when I freebirthed, I simply made trust more important than fear. Also all my years of Somatic Therapy self practice helped immensely. 

In this space, I’m not a teacher; I’m a conduit for the ancestral wisdom encoded in your DNA.

Join me in honoring the tradition of women supporting women, as we tap into the timeless lineage of birthing knowledge.

Let this mentorship be a bridge to the innate power within you, guided by the echoes of generations before—a beautiful journey of remembrance and embodiment.

Somatic Therapy sessions

An intimate exploration crafted to deepen your connection with intuition. Through gentle guidance, emotional embodiment, and compassionate somatic dialogue, unravel the threads of trauma. This process unveils your unique navigation system, guiding you to traverse life with greater ease and authenticity.


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