4 ways I support pregnant women who are desiring to Freebirth

Freebirth Resources

I completely understand how daunting it can feel to consider freebirth. Even if you have a strong inkling about it, the hardest part can be navigating other peoples fearful responses. I know that when I was pregnant and made the choice to choose a wild pregnancy and freebirth, I felt very alone. 

And other women tell me the same thing — that they feel isolated in their journey and not knowing who they can share with. Sometimes we really need someone to hold us in moments of fear or simply to be received and heard when sharing our dream birth plans.

Freebirth is slowly entering the mainstream yet is still quite a taboo topic (witness all of the fearful news articles when you google it). My mission is to give women who want to freebirth a sacred and secure place where they can receive the support they are craving.

So here’s 4 freebirth resources on how I support pregnant women who are desiring to freebirth:

  1. Read my free articles on Substack.
  2. Become a paid subscriber to my Substack for my deeper, more personal shares on pregnancy, freebirth and motherhood. With this you receive a free monthly workshop for women interested in freebirth and a discount off your first session with me.
  3. Book a single freebirth session to find more clarity about how you want to go on this journey.
  4. Journey into freebirth with my personal Mentorship of 4 or 8 sessions to vision your perfect birth and trust yourself every step of the way.

Somatic Therapy sessions

An intimate exploration crafted to deepen your connection with intuition. Through gentle guidance, emotional embodiment, and compassionate somatic dialogue, unravel the threads of trauma. This process unveils your unique navigation system, guiding you to traverse life with greater ease and authenticity.

freebirth mentorship

An immersive journey blending intuitive guidance, somatic release, and energy work for an authentic, physiological birthing experience. Embrace emotions as unmet trauma transforms into strength, letting your inner voice guide you toward embodying your dream birth.