Each session is held via Google Meet.

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Healing for Couples

“It’s rare to find someone who can with unbiased clarity and genuine care guide a couple in the midst of conflict, back to each other. Her ability to pin point individually what was creating our conflict and see the subtler dynamics at play between us was remarkable. If you’re looking for a safe, supportive space to heal together as a couple, I highly recommend working with Hari.”

-Hannah Lo, Intimacy & Relationship coach

Together, we will find the root of the disconnection in your dynamic and gently unravel the trauma that is blocking you from seeing each other with clarity.

These 60-90 minute sessions are a co-creative deep dive to revitalise your connection.

You will learn transformative practices to keep your relationship intimately authentic and connected even when trauma arises.

These sessions will reconnect you with an open curiosity when trauma surfaces. Conflict and differences will become an exploration to deepen your connection and compassion for one another.

Are you longing to:

Learn how to listen to each other without needing to defend yourself.

Develop communication skills that create a safe space to be authentic.

Feel secure to express your needs and confident enough to express your boundaries without the fear of being rejected.

Understand your partner and find out what is the driving force behind the reoccuring arguments.

Find a grounded and secure way to navigate the trauma responses that keep repeating.

Be supported unconditionally through this journey of self discovery.

Couples Sessions

60 Minute Session - €110

90 Minute Session - €140

4 x 90 Minute Sessions - €500 (Save €60)

Each session is held online via Google Meet.

If there are financial challenges, please don't hesitate to reach out here.

"It was a very intense time in my relationship with my partner when we worked together. We were experimenting with polyamory and things got pretty messy. Hari did a great job holding powerful and clear mirrors for both of us. Yet what I was impressed with the most was her ability to point out each of our individual blind spots without any projection, favoritism or agenda. For me personally, she helped me come back to myself instead of trying to please others. She reminded me that my true happiness and fulfillment relies on my inner world."

-Jeremy Ginsburg, Men's Mindset Coach

My Mission

I work with couples in relationships who are committed to evolving together emotionally, mentally and sexually. 

In our work together, you will learn foundational relating and communication skills to support you to deepen in intimacy and strengthen your connection. I draw inspiration from Authentic Relating, Circling, Belly2Belly, Yogic Principles, Non Violent Communication, Radical Honesty and Somatic Emotional Release Therapy.

Learning to navigate each others trauma is essential to a thriving relationship. My intention is to teach you how to skilfully hold space for each other to create the flourishing relationship you have always desired.

In 2017, I met my soul mate and unknowingly became initiated into my first ‘Conscious Relationship’. I truly didn’t know it was possible to utilise a relationship as the most profound vehicle for awakening; and simultaneously deepen in love and connection with my partner. 

It has been quite the journey! I’m not saying it has been an easy road, because it has come with many potholes and tight corners. 

I guide from my direct experience of walking this path and will assist you at every juncture so that these sacred ways of relating will become second nature.

healing sessions

These sessions are an invitation to meet together in embodied awareness where any challenges can be explored from a place of curiosity. When exploring the energy, we give space for it to be seen and transformed; and for you to unveil your own inner knowing. 


Read some praise from some of the lovely people I have worked with.

akashic soul readings

The guidance from your Akashic Records will provide clarity for difficult life decisions. They offer insight into seeing a higher perspective, so you can feel more fulfilled in your life.