Intuition: an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts.


“There is a much greater computer at work within us. We are literally running millions of quantum computers within these extraordinary bodies, and we can keep extraordinary tabs on the health and vitality of our machine if we hone our intuition rather than our technology portfolio sitting around the rooms of our homes. We have an innate sense of where our health and purpose dwell within us, and where our stressors stem from and are stored.

The ultimate healer will empower their patients to discover these wellsprings of wisdom within themselves, then equip them with a toolbox of resources that they will learn to use in response to that inner truth.”

-Zach Bush

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“Hesitancy occurs when an intuition is suppressed by the power of the mind. The body knows what is correct in every cell of its being, but the mind immediately imposes its doubt, anxiety or opinion, thereby rendering the true perception powerless. In this way, all true alignment to the power of the now is lost and clarity — which is pristine and visceral — is repressed in the body. Spontaneous clarity is a state that exists outside the mind and can only be known through the purity of being. The sheer aliveness of a clear and instantaneous knowing is the cornerstone of one’s true inner radiance and health. Hesitancy or indecision is the hallmark of the Shadow frequency.”

 Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose

Somatic Therapy sessions

An intimate exploration crafted to deepen your connection with intuition. Through gentle guidance, emotional embodiment, and compassionate somatic dialogue, unravel the threads of trauma. This process unveils your unique navigation system, guiding you to traverse life with greater ease and authenticity.

freebirth mentorship

An immersive journey blending intuitive guidance, somatic release, and energy work for an authentic, physiological birthing experience. Embrace emotions as unmet trauma transforms into strength, letting your inner voice guide you toward embodying your dream birth.