Sessions for Women

These sessions are a place for you to be welcomed exactly as you are; supporting you to restore the channels of connection within yourself and with others. Together, we peel back the layers of people pleasing to return you to your authentic self. 

Truly, we would all love to be embraced fully in our embodied authentic expression.

But many of us have lost our connection to our real feelings or feel scared to express them.

Our true self has become buried underneath many layers of trauma.

This is an offering for you to be fully seen and heard and to allow your Truth to emerge.

"Compared to other coaching or counseling sessions, Hari could get straight to what I couldn't even see on my own. She helped me develop practices to see my own patterns, to build awareness around my own fears, limiting beliefs, and projections. If you're going through relationship challenges I highly recommend working with Hari. Through her support, my relationship improved on so many levels, and my ability to self-care, honor my needs, and let go of patterns, built a healthier foundation between me and my partner."

-Ann Liu, Artist

Many women feel stifled in their relationships because they weren’t given the tools or guidance on how to be with their ever changing inner landscape

Alongside this, coping mechanisms of people pleasing, denial and disconnection become a way to survive.

Which soon turns into a way to live. And before we know it, we feel normal living a completely inauthentic existence.

Without positive role models or tools on how to live a truthful, embodied experience, the life you truly desire seems so far away –

A life grounded in openness, freedom, effortlessly giving and receiving love, flowing intimacy and safe, supportive connections in your relationships.

"Safety is not the absence of is the presence of connection"

-Gabor Mate

These personal sessions are for women devoted to expanding their capacity to live truthfully, embody the full spectrum of their body, deepen in intimacy and become emotionally liberated

When working with me, you will:

Slow down and begin to restore your nervous system by learning how to truly listen to your body and feel what is arising.

Learn how to witness your inner world: emotions, thoughts, body sensations as they arise and stay present to meet and allow trauma to release from your body.

Get to know and love yourself more than you thought possible.

Blossom deeper into your femininity & your inner fire.

Become a master at feeling your truth and expressing your authentic voice.

Gain clarity on the relationships in your life.

Personal Sessions

90 Minute Session - £140


30% off your first session


50% off your first two sessions

Session Bundles

3 x 60 Minute Sessions £300 (Save £30)

5 x 60 Minute Sessions £500 (Save £50)

Each session is held online via Google Meet.

What other women are saying

“Hari is such a genuine, compassionate being and holds space with an open heart. I always feel that I can be completely vulnerable with her. She has helped me address and release fears and beliefs that I’ve carried with me throughout my life that I didn’t realize were still affecting me.”

-Melody Dennis, Healthcare

"Working with Hari has been really transformative. She offered support at a time that I really needed it. She was patient, compassionate and reflected wisdom that was accurate and really insightful. I still often think about my experience working with her and the insights she has offered me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to break through new barriers in themselves and their relationships."

-Madison Vandevort, Somatic Healer

The Results

Women who work with me rediscover their authentic voice and live life with a newfound openness.

They naturally give space to the fear and patterns that arise and meet them with openness and presence.

They no longer people please from a fear of losing connection.

They are connected to their emotional body and nervous system and allow space for the waves of energy to move and be as they are.

They are able to objectively witness their inner experiences and see them as a gift to awaken freedom.

They recalibrate their relationships to create more honesty and intimacy.

Are you ready to find out how powerful and loving you truly are?

My Mission

My mission is to offer a space for the women I work with to realise who they truly are. 

A space where their true authentic selves are seen, heard and given space to blossom.

In my practice of Relational Healing, I integrate the tools and teachings that have deeply influenced my journey: Emotional Release Therapy, Compassionate Counselling, Meditation, Transformational Coaching and Yogic Wisdom- to support you to reconnect with your Authentic Expression so that your relationship with yourself and others will effortlessly flow from a space of peace and love inside of you.

I’ll offer you tools and practices to support your transformative process and teach you the skills so that you can continue to do this work alone.

With more than four years of 24/7 devotion to unravelling myself (a real full time job) and five years in a committed relationship, I’ve dedicated myself to fully walking this path; offering you a direct transmission of my own experience, to help you do the same.

Sessions for couples

Learn how to create a reciprocal, supportive and loving relationship with your partner; by listening to your true feelings and sharing yourself authentically. 


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