Somatic Therapy Sessions

For the woman who’s ready to unleash her divine radiance

You’re a woman who’s yearning for more.

You’re itching for change, ready to kick those outdated ways to the curb and level up in your spiritual and emotional journey.

Ready to rebirth yourself?

It’s your moment to rise, break free from those pesky ancestral patterns, and embrace the wise, embodied version of yourself.

I’m here to walk alongside you, sister, through this sacred awakening

Dear woman,

  • Have you ever experienced feeling unworthy of your dreams?
  • Perhaps you’ve encountered challenges in following your desires when met with disapproval from others?
  • Do you find it difficult to be yourself without fearing rejection?
  • Have you ever felt it’s safer to comply rather than assert your boundaries?
  • Do you struggle to trust your own feelings and intuition?
  • Have you ever felt too embarrassed to let your emotions flow freely due to fear of judgment?

Well it seems you’ve landed right where you’re meant to be…

My deepest service is to reorient you to your inner voice

In this Sacred Reclamation voyage, I’ll be right here with you, guiding you through the depths.

Together, we’ll peel back the layers guarding your divine feminine core, uncovering its raw, untamed beauty.

You’ll transmute pain into potent liberation, savoring the richness of every alchemical shift.

And amidst the whispers of your soul, you’ll find solace, knowing you’re precisely where you’re meant to be.

Let's journey, soul sister.

What is Somatic Therapy?


In Somatic Therapy, I prioritize nurturing the body-mind-spirit connection, employing a blend of intuitive, compassionate counselling and attentive listening.

My approach focuses on starting from the foundations of the body, allowing for a deep, embodied exploration rather than relying solely on intellectual analysis.

By embracing the power of feeling over thinking, we can effectively transform our operating system. As we cultivate a sense of acceptance and authenticity within ourselves, our nervous systems naturally begin to heal and our intuition reveals itself.

My approach

My primary focus is on you as an individual and meeting you where you are in your journey.
Utilizing my deep listening skills, I attune to the subtle currents of our session, allowing its direction to emerge organically.
Placing your needs and experiences at the core, I guide our exploration intuitively, always returning to the rich terrain of your inner world.
This approach is a continual practice, evolving over time to provide you with a safe and supported space for self-exploration and growth.

What sets me apart is my refusal to adhere to a rigid framework…

Your thoughts and emotions act as keys, unlocking doors to hidden realms. Within these spaces, I hold a sacred energetic frequency, facilitating profound exploration.

These depths cannot be reached by the mind alone. They are realms of pure, experiential somatic wisdom, unfolding in the present moment.


My transmission to you in these sessions:

  • 6+ years and hundreds of sessions of experience in holding space for you to navigate deeply held patterns and wounds


  • 10 years of trial and error on this path and condensing down the fastest, most eloquent ways to reconnect with your inner voice


  • My X-ray vision for your soul: My gift lies in peeling back the layers to reveal what’s truly beneath the surface of your issues.


  • A beautiful treasure chest of soul shaking strategies and practices to support you such as Somatic techniques, inner child work and embodiment practices.

You will journey into yourself to remember this woman who:

  • knows her worth and embraces her dreams without hesitation.


  • confidently follows her desires, regardless of others’ approval.


  • authentically expresses herself without fear of rejection.


  • boldly sets and communicates her boundaries, prioritizing her well-being.


  • trusts her intuition and follows her inner guidance with unshakeable confidence.


  • courageously allows her emotions to flow freely, unapologetically owning her truth.


What other women are saying

"Working with Hari has been really transformative. She offered support at a time that I really needed it. She was patient, compassionate and reflected wisdom that was accurate and really insightful. I still often think about my experience working with her and the insights she has offered me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to break through new barriers in themselves and their relationships."

-Madison Vandevort, Somatic Healer
"Throughout our session, Hari met me in loving and centered presence, clearly connected to her body and to her angelic spirit. She helped me hold my parts that felt insecure and refresh them with light and love. She also challenged me in important ways. It's apparent how much deep work she has done on herself and brings that strength into her presence and words. I highly recommend Hari Alexandra's healing presence."

-Sequoia, Circling Facilitator

Somatic Therapy Sessions

60 Minute Session - €140

90 Minute Session - €180

4 x 60 Minute Sessions €400 (Save €160)

Each session is held online via Google Meet.

My Mission

My mission is to create a nurturing space where you can uncover the essence of who you truly are.

Here, your authentic self is honored, embraced, and allowed to flourish.

In my practice of Somatic Therapy, I draw from a rich tapestry of tools and teachings that have profoundly shaped my own journey: Somatic Emotional Release Therapy, Compassionate Counselling, Inner Child Work, Meditation, and Native American Wisdom.

Together, we’ll journey inward to reconnect you with your true inner voice, cultivating a sense of inner peace and love that naturally extends to your relationships with yourself and others.

I’ll equip you with practical tools and empowering practices to support your transformative journey, empowering you to continue this work independently and sustainably.

freebirth mentorship

An immersive journey blending intuitive guidance, somatic release, and energy work for an authentic, physiological birthing experience. Embrace emotions as unmet trauma transforms into strength, letting your inner voice guide you toward embodying your dream birth.


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