Praise from beautiful souls

Akashic Soul Readings

"Hari is incredible to work with. Her intuition is spot on and her insights have supported me in so many areas of my life. I always walk away from our sessions feeling a lot lighter and clearer. She is so magical!"

-Robyn Goldberg, Medium

"I had my second session with Hari today, and I feel so much deep love and compassion as I did the first time. You really know how to hold a safe, loving space and know how to guide into deep awareness. Thank you! Big love. Can't wait for our third session!"

-Annabel Gammampila, Life Coach

"Hari has the ability to tap directly into the core of the things that need to move. My session with her was pretty mind blowing! I resonated with a lot of what she was saying and I felt the shifts immediately in my body... and very soon in my life. She speaks from a place of clarity and freedom and love - I highly recommend a reading with her."

-Diana Jost, Yoga Teacher

"Hari has such a light and loving energy that made me feel welcome. She knows how to clarify that which needs clarity - with natural guidance and presence. I gained some beautiful a-ha moments during my reading with her which will definitely help me move forward with love and trust. Thank you, Hari! xx"

-Cindy Ritmeester, Energy coach

"I have been giving Akashic Readings since 1997, and when Hari gave me a reading, I was deeply impressed by her clarity and preciseness of information. She relayed the correct information she saw in the records in a beautiful, heartfelt way.

Her ability to access the records is profound and I felt very fortunate to receive the important downloads that she revealed. These insights have impacted by spiritual journey in a beautiful way."

-Jafree Ozwald, Manifestation Coach,

Healing Sessions

"When I think about the work with Hari I think about pure healing and love. Hari helped me to reconnnect with myself and she helped me to finding back to the path of my heart. She is very intuitive and sensitive and has the ability to mirror you in a loving way. After every session with her, I feel grounded, reconnected and loved. One of the best sessions I got in my life - I highly recommend them if you want a REAL change in your life."

-Katharina Schüler, Yoga Teacher

"Throughout our session, Hari met me in loving and centered presence, clearly connected to her body and to her angelic spirit. She helped me hold my parts that felt insecure and refresh them with light and love. She also challenged me in important ways, It's apparent how much deep work she has done on herself and brings that strength into her presence and words. I highly recommend Hari Alexandra's healing presence.

-David Sequoia, Circling Facilitator

"Working with Hari has been really transformative. She offered support at a time that I really needed it.

She was patient, compassionate and reflected wisdom that was accurate and really insightful. I still often think about my experience working with her and the insights she has offered me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to break through new barriers in themselves and their relationships!"

-Madison Vandevort, Somatic Healer

"Hari is one of the kindest, wisest people I know and her healing energy flows so naturally. I felt so comfortable as she guided me to question different aspects of my life and past and has helped me work through suppressed thoughts and beliefs that weren't serving me. I can't thank her enough for her insight and would recommend her sessions to everyone"

-Alexandra Murray- Reynolds, Musician

"A healer is not someone who heals you but someone who opens space for you to awaken your inner healer. That’s what Hari has allowed me to do. She hold space for me to awaken and listen to my sacred wisdom. She connects with you on such a deeper level to help you reveal some truths for you to awaken the healer within. The energy she has is so soothing and comforting and I truly recommend her for anyone interested in healing."

-Carolina Beltran

"100% worth every minute! What a beautiful experience. Hari is a wonderful soul who held the space gracefully and wholeheartedly.

She helped encourage me to dive deep and release some very intense energy. I would highly recommend working with her and hope I will have a chance to experience more of the magic healing she has to offer. Thank you for being a beacon of light and love through these challenging times."

-Francesca Rodrigues, Yoga Teacher

"I have known Hari personally and can honestly say she is an authentic Being. She has deep inner wisdom and truly hears and sees people. It’s a pleasure to be in her presence and to gift yourself a healing session with her, would be truly precious and life enhancing. Thank you Hari for Being here for those on their journey to inner-sense."

-Lizzie Leadbeater, Reiki Master

"After experiencing Hari as a teacher, I was struck by what an old soul inhabits a young body! I have been a psychotherapist for 20 years and I was deeply impressed.

She has an authentic presence and honesty that is intrinsic to who she is. She brings a full and relaxed sexuality and helps others to find their similar authentic place. She is heartful, empathetic and wise in her insights. I highly recommend her work and her classes."

-Dawn E Larson, Psychotherapist

"When I first interacted with Hari, I had an immediate connection. She is a very sweet soul with love and compassion in her heart to support and heal others. She is very intuitive and connects with your soul to support the healing. Things that I didn't realize were there, she picked it up and helped me release it. I love my sessions with Hari. She is very talented as a healer."

-Malka Shivdasani, Transformation Coach

"Hari is such a genuine, compassionate being and holds space with an open heart. I always feel that I can be completely vulnerable with her. She has helped me address and release fears and beliefs that I've carried with me throughout my life that I didn't realize were still affecting me. She is a loving healer who guides you to heal yourself, and gives you tools to see your own patterns to help you shift them.

Since starting my sessions with Hari, I've noticed that my relationships with others have definitely improved, and I've felt a lightness in my day to day. I highly recommend Hari for help with processing emotions or going through transitional phases. You'll love working with her."

-Melody Dennis, Healthcare Recruiter

"I was going through different kinds of breakdowns during lockdown, and my relationship was on a major break. It felt like all the different methods for support or therapy didn't work, until I met Hari.

When I started my coaching sessions with Hari, I was working through a lot of trauma around the feelings of loss and anxiety from being alone, especially during these uncertain times in isolation. Compared to other coaching or counseling sessions, Hari could get straight to what I couldn't even see on my own. She helped me develop practices to see my own patterns, to build awareness around my own fears, limiting beliefs, and projections.

My sessions with Hari have shown me parts of myself that I often felt like a secret only between me and my ego. When my partner and I had relationship challenges about his avoidant patterns and my anxious patterns, Hari helped me return to seeing where these patterns rooted from in my own self. Meaning, she showed me ways to be more accountable for my own triggers. And also, the nuanced delicate line where also, my accountability means also sometimes to share vulnerability with my partner, so that we work together to face the issue together. Not as isolated beings.

If you're going through relationship challenges I highly recommend working with Hari. Hari's style of holding space is gentle, peaceful and at the same time filled with a gentle fire burning inside. She will mirror directly and truthfully as she coaches, with so much love.

Through her support, my relationship improved on so many levels, and my ability to self-care, honor my needs, and let go of patterns, built a healthier foundation between me and my partner. But it wasn't only my romantic relationship that benefited from these sessions. I started seeing these same core wounds show up in all sorts of interactions, so it helped me truly connect and stay open to love in all parts of my life, and I'm so grateful I found her."

-Ann Liu, Artist

"Hari tunes in so rapidly! I felt immediately understood without many words, on a deep level. Her gentleness makes it very easy to move deeper and deeper, to the parts where you would want to run away from yourself. That makes it very different for me than anyone before.

Hari is a great mentor, lovingly sharing, tapping into her wisdom and life experience with empathy, fully present to who you are. The words flow, the exactly right words for you, even the difficult truths. Zero judging, endless loving kindness, her soft way makes it really easy to move forward.

I have the feeling she helped me to touch some root causes in my life, and gave me tools to continue the healing on my own. A shift has occurred and instead of feeling small and helpless regarding one sad aspect of my life, I feel now empowered. Confident also, I have some new keys and new paths to heal those “last bits that were holding me back”.

I feel things are moving instead of being stuck. Great help on the path of loving every part of yourself, yes, also the dark ones, moving to more compassion. There is more curiosity in general, joyful curiosity, and more clarity in decision making.

I am discovering more and even older stuff I hold back, hidden pains. It comes in dreams and insights. Like if my self-healing capacity and that of my body got the push it needed in the right direction. So grateful!"

- Bonnie Chopard, Architect

"I’ve been trying to heal myself of MS for years but Hari made me realize that I need to break walls down that I’ve built since childhood. Sometimes it takes hearing things from another perspective to start the healing process.

Just having someone understand that it is a choice is life-changing. I’ve tried many healing methods based on the physical but I never really focused on the psychological root cause -Hari made it clear that it was something I could do.

Hari shows you your life from a different perspective to release the negative programming you've had for years. Thank you so much. You truly are a gift to the world."

-Sheri Stace Kucinskaz, Writer

"I felt heard and supported from our very first call and was deeply touched by her presence. I was allowed to share fully, without holding back and was surprised by how Hari could see inside of me.

Our sessions were deep and soft dives in which I felt supported and seen through, working with the emotional body. After the first session I was able to identify the root of the imbalance I had been experiencing for many years- suppressed emotions.

The next meeting enriched my perception of the situation even more and I was able to apply some tools that Hari gave me, to my daily life. Even within a month I noticed a big shift in my perceptions and the performance of my body as well. I became aware of old behavioural patterns and was able to witness them and approach them from a place of honesty and kindness.

I learned and continue to practice how to breathe and be with unexplored emotions. By giving them more space and allowing myself to live different sides of myself, I became more energetic and present. It feels liberating to be fully present and honest about my needs and it is something that I take joy in practicing every single day, despite all the challenges and old conditioning.

Hari gave me tools and provided me with light and support, so I could continue this adventurous journey towards my true self. I would wholeheartedly recommend Hari's sessions for those who search for their own authenticity, for honesty and for love towards themselves and others."

-Daria Cheremisinova, Yoga Teacher

"First of all, Hari is one of the sweetest and warm-hearted people I know. I had an immediate connection with her. She made me feel safe and supported. Hari is an extraordinary healer who carefully listens to your concerns. There is no doubt that she has excellent psychic abilities. She just knows what´s going on inside of you and helps you to reflect on your issues. Her reflections are always spot on.

I met Hari at a point in my life when I didn´t know HOW to cope with my feelings and emotions. I was in strong physical pain and suffering from severe Insomnia.

Through working with Hari, I learned how to connect with myself, my feelings and emotions. It was mind blowing for me to see how the physical pain diminished during our sessions. Hari not only helped me to release emotions and dissolve blockages during our sessions, but she also taught me the right tools to practice self-healing. I was looking for help on the outside, when all I needed to do was to go within.

My life changed completely within 3 months. Hari has been part of this process from the very beginning and she supported me with love, compassion and guidance.

To me her holistic approach including relaxation exercises, meditation, release work, channeling but also fruitful discussions, is the key to successful healing. Every healing session is different, because Hari cares about your need in that very moment. What really gave me security and comfort was that I could ALWAYS reach out to her. I had loving people around me, but no one understood what was going on with me and they didn´t know how to help me. When I started working with Hari I didn´t feel alone anymore, because she knew what was happening to me and she knew how to help me. I feel like I´ve learned a completely new approach of living my life based on self-care, self-love, loving kindness and happiness."

-Tanja Hammer, Project Manager

"Hari is a very intuitive and perceptive person. Intuitive and empath. She will read and scan your emotions and help you lift the veil of unconsciousness.

Working with Hari has different dimensions, you can be looking at yourself, looking at profound questions, going back to different times.

I highly recommend her work, we can all use a helping hand in the head department... Much gratitude and love."

-Carole Benton, Property Development

“Hari has done the necessary work on herself to be able to connect with divine source so that she can bring this wisdom and necessary guidance to others. I can feel the loving presence that Hari brings to our sessions immediately. It gives a sense of safety and willingness to go deeper. I can't stress how important that is in being able to work with a coach. Of equal importance is the clarity of her mirroring. Her ability to speak both directly to what's happening and also see around the edges of what I might be hiding is invaluable; whilst holding a safe and neutral space without judgment allowed me to see my patterns for what they are and not layer additional shame and blame on myself."

-Greg Goldstein, Writer

"The session with Hari was so warm and easy flowing yet getting to the core with my thoughts and emotions towards my relationship with the masculine. And right afterwards the energy between me and my partner changed. Thank you so much for your work and your being!"

-Agnes Marr

Healing for Couples

"It's rare to find someone who can with unbiased clarity and genuine care guide a couple in the midst of conflict, back to each other. When my partner and I came to Hari for a couples session, she very quickly saw the underlying issue between us and helped resolve in minutes what could have taken weeks of counseling sessions and most probably lots of angst.

It was as if a fog had been lifted and we could finally see each other clearly again. Her ability to pin point individually what was creating our conflict and see the subtler dynamics at play between us was remarkable. It was an eye opener and shed light on many blindspots we had with each other. If you're looking for a safe, supportive space to heal together as a couple, I highly recommend working with Hari. She'll help you get to the heart of the matter and offer invaluable insight to turn things around."

-Hannah Patrica, Love & Relationship Coach

“I had a great experience working with Hari. It was a very intense time in my relationship with my partner when we worked together. We were experimenting with polyamory and things got pretty messy.

Hari did a great job holding powerful and clear mirrors for both of us. Yet what I was impressed with the most was her ability to point out each of our individual blind spots without any projection, favoritism or agenda.

For me personally, she helped me come back to myself instead of trying to please others. She reminded me that my true happiness and fulfillment relies on my inner world.

A few months after working with Hari, my partner and I stopped our polyamorous experiment and got married. We’re now happily married and are more committed to relationship than ever. Without Hari’s help, things could have gotten very ugly fast. I’m so glad she was there for us when we needed support. For anyone interested in working with her, I highly recommend it.”

-Jeremy Ginsburg, Men's Mindset Coach

"Hari was very supportive, present and kind, lighting our way with her intuition, understanding, compassion and knowledge about relationships.

The most important things for me that I received from her were grounding, going back into the body, noticing when I'm judging parts of myself and instead choosing kindly accepting. Being kind to my inner child. It's great that Hari herself is humble and admits her imperfect human nature, which helps us to accept our own imperfections. And even to love and embrace them. I feel it's definitely a fresh approach in contemporary spirituality movement! I warmly recommend working with Hari <3 ”

-Danijela Benko

healing sessions

These sessions are an invitation to meet together in embodied awareness where any challenges can be explored from a place of curiosity. When exploring the energy, we give space for it to be seen and transformed; and for you to unveil your own inner knowing. 

akashic soul reading

The guidance from your Akashic Records will provide clarity for difficult life decisions. They offer insight into seeing a higher perspective, so you can feel more fulfilled in your life.


Learn how to create a reciprocal, supportive and loving relationship with your partner; by listening to your true feelings and sharing yourself authentically.