What is a Sacred Flute?

Imagine your body...completely hollow, like a flute.

An instrument with seven energy centres that life flows through.

 The lower chakras of the flute have slower, heavier vibrations of survival, emotions and control and the higher chakras have faster, lighter vibrations of love, truth, intuition and bliss.

When these seven centres are open, life flows through us and creates harmony with self, other and world.

If one of these centres becomes blocked, the disharmony notes are no longer in harmony and this out of key music begins to pollute the Body/Mind.

We can bring awareness to this to start the healing process to allow it to be open and free to receive the energy from the universe. Once healed, the life force floods the newly opened centre and this allows the other notes to come back to unity.

The Sacred Flute plays all seven notes in harmony, breathing life through the entire Chakra system. When this symphony is playing, it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between the lower and higher notes and the vibrations unite in peace.

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